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Is This A Good Idea If Your Landlord Keeps Your Deposit?

Well now you're really not getting it back.

On A Clear Day You Can See...Tree Stumps?

Where are all the frozen fish?

She's Got That Pectoral Control

Good for her. And everyone, really.

What Cats And Possums Have In Common

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, they say.

Lunch Break - 01.23.18

40 weird pictures that stayed on top of their New Year’s resolution.

Is This A Good Haircut Or A Bad Haircut?

The dog seems cool with it, at least.

Woman's Tiny Bikini Makes Her Self-Conscious During TV Interview

She was trying to stay fully clothed. Can't blame her.

OMG! Insane Scene Where Stand-Up Comic Gets Attacked On Stage By Heckler

That's the craziest thing to happen on stage since Kramer's meltdown.

Looks Good! "Coach Snoop" Follows The Hip Hop Star To The Football Field

This looks extremely watchable.

When You’re Sprung From An Itty-Bitty Waist And Two Round Things In Your Face

Baby got back.

Scumbag Caught Stealing Tip Jars At Three Different Businesses

All these incidents took place on Staten Island.

Trevor Noah Does A Hilarious Impression Of Trump If He Spoke Arabic Instead Of English

An Egyptian audience member inspired Trevor to translate Trump-speak into Arabic.

Jason Momoa And Jimmy Fallon Face Off In A Water Battle

Jimmy and Jason Momoa play a wet version of the card game War, where the winner gets to douse the loser.

Seth Meyers Finds It Fitting That Trump's One-Year Mark Is Marred By Protests And A Government Shutdown

"Trump's the kind of guy who, if he came home to find his wife dumped all his clothes on the sidewalk, would say, 'I get it, you want to see me naked.'"

Watch A Guy Build A Surprisingly Sturdy Hut Using Handmade Tools

Hey, man. Nice hut. Can we join you in there?

This Cat Asleep In A Claw Machine Gives Zero Fucks

All this cat wants to do is take a deep nap on some plushies and no man or claw is going to get in the way of that.

Skydiving In A Car Looks Like So Much Fun

It also looks very dangerous, given that a car falling through 120 mph winds is liable to do just about anything.

Was Jet Li's Beretta Disassembly Move In 'Lethal Weapon 4' Possible? A Gun Expert Breaks It Down

Jet Li stands there, two guns in his face. And in the blink of an eye, he's ripped the slide off of Mel Gibson's Beretta. Was it a bit of movie magic, or can you actually do that?

Cop And Off-Duty Trooper Stop On Highway To Rescue Dog Trapped Under Vehicle

Amazingly, the dog survived this harrowing ordeal. These police officers are heroic!

Finally, Someone's Taken Water Bottle Flipping To The Next Level

Bottle flipping is a good internet challenge, but it's also gotten stale — how many times can a bottle sticking the landing bring us joy? So finally, someone has leveled up the challenge.
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